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Carrying capacity / overtourism – How much is too much?

Old Cromwell – community engagement was undertaken with Cromwell residents to brainstorm the improvements they would like to see on the waterfront area between Butchers Drive and the Clutha and Kawerau River junction.

Old Cromwell

Old Cromwell – community engagement was undertaken with Cromwell residents to brainstorm the improvements they would like to see on the waterfront area between Butchers Drive and the Clutha and Kawerau River junction.


Luggate, a small rural roadside township on the fringe of Queenstown-Lakes – just a 12 minute drive from Wanaka. Luggate flies under the radar, so much so, that the last long-term vision was carried out in 2003!

Shaping the Future, with your voice

Define your vision, determine your future. Expressing your opinion has the ability to shape the course of public matters.

Our Submission on the Queenstown SH 6/6a Roundabout

Queenstown State Highway 6/6a roundabout is in the spotlight to receive some stop-go lights.

Southland Community Vision Report = Completed. What next?

July 2022, we embarked on a tour of Southland District, producing a district-wide long-term vision for Southland bringing together the distinct but separated communities, with a particular focus on engaging with rural Southland, mana whenua and the districts’ youth.

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Shaping Our Future
In this post we’re digging into youth representation, it is a timely discussion with the Young Voters debate on tonight at 7.30 pm (link below takes you to the live stream)www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvyai6SKV7QThe local politics of now are future decisions that will affect the next gen. We’ve been fascinated to view the results of this election, to see how youth voter turnout has tracked. Youth representation in local politics could be much better and it’s been trending poorly for nearly a decade. The exception was the 2017 election our nation experienced a 'youthquake' with 'Jacindamania'. Labour recorded a 6% increase in youth votes over that general election. [source: Guardian: “youthquake rumbles to a stop? Support for the left falls among New Zealand’s young voters – Aug 2023].Will we see young people show up this election? There’s a good thesis paper, published in 2020 called Local government and youth voter turnout: Obstacles and solutions for Aotearoa New Zealand from Kyle Daniel Mathijssen Whitfield from the University of Otago. Click here to read it: ourarchive.otago.ac.nz/bitstream/handle/10523/12096/Kyle%20Whitfield%20DBA%20Thesis%20Final.pdf?s... His research found that New Zealanders are losing the habit of voting (Catt & Northcote, 2006) but shines that it’s not just a kiwi problem. A 2016 New York times article digs into the same terminology. Quoting Eric Plutzer, political science professor from Washington DC, research into habitual nonvoters and habitual voters. He says, ‘voting is a habit formed over time, and one possible reason young people do it less frequently is they have had fewer opportunities to form and reinforce the habit.’ Untangling the reasons why young people aren’t engaged is a multifaceted problem – all research speaks to this. Youth disengagement from feedback mechanisms can be attributed to psychological feelings of cynicism, lack of knowledge of the political policies and the view that their opinion is perceived ineffective. “Young people tend to get sidelined in the policy process and I think a lot of our urban space and infrastructure is a great example. Our cities are not built to support young people’s wellbeing.” Academic Researcher, Ngā Kōrero Hauora o Ngā Taiohi (Youth Wellbeing), report by ActionStation and Ara Taiohi (2018) We certainly haven’t cracked the code when it comes to engaging youth in our feedback sessions, but we understand the utter importance of gathering their views, and we will keep trying because the decisions of today or the future we want, they will live to see it. Get involved – follow our social profiles and sign up to our mailing list. shapingourfuture.org.nz/get-involved/ ...#futureleaders #nzpolitics #youthdebate #youngvoters #nzelection2023 ... See MoreSee Less
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Shaping Our Future
The general election is bracing to open their doors to voters. Voting opens to the public on the 2nd of October and will run for 6 days ending on Saturday. Your vote can determine outcomes for the future of our country. Crucially choosing a party which will use our taxpayer earnings to fund projects you believe in. These sites are handy and seem balanced. thespinoff.co.nz/politics www.rnz.co.nz/news/political/494809/latest-political-polling-campaign-finances-social-media-targe... www.newsroom.co.nz/politics/raw-politics-august-25 Be informed then vote. Because your vote counts and it has the ability to swing an election. Visit us: shapingourfuture.org.nz/. . . #Generalelection2023 #newzealandpolitics #swingvote #voting #yourvotecounts #voteyagoat ... See MoreSee Less
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